The Hillkurtzes in London!

This is the website for Tiffany & Alex Hillkurtz. Living in London, England, UK for...

...a while.


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In September of 2003 Tiffany packed up her office and with her co-workers moved to London. She set up the Offices here and trained new people for 3 weeks. Then, returned to California to get married! After an all too brief honeymoon, Tiffany came back to London & left her husband working in California.


Then just before July 2004, and after many commuter visits, Alex moved to London as well. Finally together!
Alex took six months off to work on his own projects and rest after a long job. He wrote and drew and walked and went to the theater... Then in January, he started working as well.

Now, we continue to figure out what life will bring us every day. Please read our stories and look at our photos to get a feel for what we are doing here. Thanks for stopping by!.

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